Apprentice & trainee wages

We have new trainee wage calculators to help you find the rates of pay for trainees.


You can use our new Trainee wage calculators to help you find the minimum hourly rates of pay for trainees.

Trainees are usually paid based on the course they are studying, when they finished high school and the highest year of school they completed. Trainee wages only apply to employees who are registered as trainees.


For apprentice wages, you can use PayCheck Plus to calculate the minimum rates of pay, allowances and penalty rates.

Apprentices are usually paid a percentage of the rate of pay for a qualified tradesperson, depending on how long they’ve been in the apprenticeship. For example, an apprentice who’s in the 2nd year of a 4 year apprenticeship may be entitled to 70% of the adult tradesperson’s rate. Apprentice wages can only be paid to employees who have been signed up to do an apprenticeship.

Information for schools

We have Resources, including an article and notices, about trainee and apprentice rights and obligations. Schools and training organisations can use these in newsletters, on websites, or in any other way, to let their students and their parents know where to go for advice and information.


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