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 The Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner (OFSC) has released its OHSE Subby Pack. Many of you would be familiar with the earlier version of the Subby Pack published by WorkCover NSW and the NSW Construction Safety Alliance. The OFSC is an updated version of the original Subby Pack.

Subcontractors play a key role in contributing to the OHS outcomes of Australian building and construction projects. The Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner recognises the importance of ensuring subcontractors apply sound OHS practices on work sites and is committed to working with industry to develop initiatives to assist subcontractors to better understand their OHS obligations and to improve their OHS performance.

This section contains information and resources relating to subcontractor OHS.

OHSE Subby Pack

OHSE Subby Pack a tool for self employed persons, suppliers, service providers, contractors and subcontractors in the Australian building and construction Industry. It is an initiative of the NSW Construction Safety Alliance, the Victorian Construction Safety Alliance and the Australian Constructors Association, facilitated by the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner.

OHSE SubbyPack aims to provide subcontractors with a nationally consistent generic approach to OHS and environmental risk management. It is separated into two sections:

  1. The OHSE Guidelines provide steps that guide an organisation in setting up an OHSE Management Plan
  1. The OHSE Management Plan provides templates for policies and procedures that can be used to set up the OHSE Management Plan.

OHS case studies

The OFSC is working with the building and construction industry to develop case studies on initiatives that have been used to address OHS issues. Some of these case studies share practical ideas that can be adopted by industry to assist in the management of OHS arrangements by/of subcontractors.

For instance, D Williams Builders – Managing OHS in a small businessprovides information on an OHS management system specifically developed to manage safety in a small business. Another case study, Fall protection in formwork – Dalma Formwork, provides information on an initiative by a small business to increase the level of fall protection in formwork construction.

Study into subcontractor OHS performance

The OFSC has commissioned a study into the barriers and enablers to an improved level of OHS performance among subcontractors. A summary of the findings was released in March 2008.


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